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Sugary Spice 2014 

Mr Fali: Jesus Christ… why am I tied up? What happened.

Nonzwakazi:I guess you did not take Mrs McGregor’s advise seriously. ‘don’t drink what you did not mix’ It means you as well.

Mr Fisher: Wwhatdid you- Nonzwakazi: Did you say something?

Mr Fali: You drugged me?

Nonzwakazi:No that is a strong word. I spiked your drink.

Mr Fali:What game are you playing? Now this is ridiculously stupid Enough, let me go…let me go!

Let me go now…

Nonzwakazi:No..I will do that on my own sweet time, thank you. Mr Fali this is no game, this is real.
Welcome to your nightmare.

Mr Fali: Okay you’ve proved your point, I get it. Now let me go. I have tones of work to do.Since you came here to prove points. You did well.

Nonzwakazi:And what point is that?

Mr Fali:That I should not drink what I did not mix. Probably you videotaped everything.You going to show it to your little “girl-friends” That your sentiments are right.
That you are smarter than what they thought.

Yeah, yeah I get it, lam not even mad.

Nonzwakazi:That is your style isn’t? That is what you do right?

Mr Fali: The game you playing is over.

Nonzwakazi: (Slap him hard) THS IS NOT A GAME! Its as serious as it gets.

Mr Fali:My tongue its a little bit tight, can I have water?

Nonzwakazi:Sure.( Walks to OP , he tries to free himself,she comes back with water)Strues GodIts just water. I promise.( He drinks)
Mr Fali: (Softer)Its unfair that lam the only one who is tied up.

Nonzwakazi:Playtime is over dear, now its time to get serious. Mr Fali: This is some teenage silly stupid game.

Nonzwakazi:Teenage YES… Silly stupid game NO. Mr Fali: Let me go.

Nonzwakazi:You really like demanding, it does not suit you.

Mr Fali:Please.

Nonzwakazi:Now that’s better.
Hold your horses lam not done here. I want to search your kitchen

Mr Fali:Just please let me go, you don’t know ukuthi wenzani. (Nonzwakazi goes to OP and comes with 20 Ropes)

Nonzwakazi:You have way to much ropes, for a person living alone. What do you use it for?

Mr Fali: I just don’t like going to the shops all time that is all. Nonzwakazi:Because if you go to the shops to buy ropes everyday.

Salty Pillows 2017 (2nd runner up for Pansa Writing Festival) 

Father-in-law: I’m not ZULU… Kutwijf (Asshole)

Zandile: I am only trying to make conversation. Just once can we just talk, without doing what you doing.

Father-in-law: (Laugh)

Father-in-law: Do I look desperate?

Zandile: Desperate?

Father-in-law: Do I look desperate to talk to you.

Zandile: Well you come here all the time.

Father-in-law: It gives me pleasure to come here to remind you who you really are—Nothing


Zandile: I want to see my son!

Father-in-law: I hear you.

Zandile: I know you never liked him but I want to see my son!

Father-in-law: For what?

Zandile: I am his mother I have a right to see him.

Father-in-law: Oh meisie meisie toch!
You lost that right the day you gave birth to him.

Zandile: What kind of person are you? Father-in-law: A person who just tells it as it is.

Zandile: (Climbs down the bed.) I cannot allow you to do this to me anymore, I refuse to be like you.
Grumpy, old, lonely and sad.

Father-in-law: Good-luck.
Zandile: He is my son, you cannot take that away as well.

Father-in-law: Why do woman find it easy to blame everything on man?

Wait let me rephrase that question.
Why do you find it easy to think that I have done something to keep you away from your son.
You did that perfectly on your own. I must be really bored.
I must be bored for real.

Zandile: Why do you pretend as if you have no slight idea of what I am talking about?
At least just one thing you could do right is own up.
Own up you shit.

Father-in-law: Watch your tongue! Zandile: I am tired of your shit Father-in-law: What’s this? Zandile: This.

Father-in law: What’s this? Zandile: Life.

Father-in-law: What life you talking about? mmmh—?
Why do you young people always talk in riddles? Educate me.

Zandile: You enjoy seeing me suffering. Isn’t?
What do you want in my life?

You giving me a headache.

Father-in -law: I do understand how you would come to that decision.

Zandile: What the hell are you saying?

Father-in law: You abandon your son.

Zandile: I did not abandon my son.

Father-in-law: Then why are you not there with him?

Zandile: I did not abandon my son, he was taken away from me.

Father-in-law: Because you an alcoholic?
We took care for that little bugger, and it was not even my blood.

The Red Suitcase 2016

Makhaya: Really.

Noshezi: Yes.

Makhaya: Are you fucking kidding me?

Noshezi: No.

Makhaya: Testing me again ? (laugh)

Noshezi: I take my job serious.

Makhaya: Come on, you must have been young and playful, Playing in the sand, building castles, splashing water in the sea. Trying to imitate seagulls. This is that kind of a day.

Noshezi: I’m black. Makhaya: And free.
(Grabs her attention.) Noshezi: Meaning.
Makhaya: You know— Noshezi: No I don’t. Makhaya: What is your name? Noshezi: What do you mean?

Makhaya: Where do you come from? Do you like your job? Do you have a boyfriend? Are your father and mother still alive? What are you allergic too?
You know…(searching for the word)

Noshezi: (Irritated) I am the one with the questions. Allow me to start… Please!

Makhaya: Oh! Yes of course, me and big mouth…
Noshezi: No problem.
Makhaya: It’s just that I hardly have people to converse with and I am bit curious. Noshezi: We have taverns for that.

(Walks around the room, circling and noting down on her pad, she stops, looks, looks at her, writes down, stops looks shake her head)

Makhaya: I‘m not a tavern kinder person.
Are you ? I do other stuff. But tavern it’s not one of them. (Beat)
My mom tried but I was just a no go baby.
Okay. Now I will shut up.

Noshezi: Thank you.
Makhaya: I will zip it.
Noshezi: This room is a bit small, how many of you stay here? Makhaya: I live alone.
Noshezi: Your mom.
Makhaya: I live alone.
Noshezi: Do you visit her often?
Makhaya: She died some years ago.
Noshezi: How many times do you clean the house? Makhaya: Every day.
Noshezi: Why?
Makhaya: Excuse me?
Noshezi: Why do you clean it?
Makhaya: Iam not quite sure I can follow what you asking.

Black Stones 2015

Zoya: Stop repeating yourself it’s getting on my nerves. I want to know who killed my father and why did you not protect him?

Koro: My duty is to protect you.

Zoya: (Emotional) Why you telling me this now? I did not ask for this.

Koro: Your father came to me, in the forest of The Black Stones. He summoned me to            protect you, he had a premonition of what was coming he did not tell me exactly what. Protection is what I have been doing all my entire life… He warned me about tasting the water in the well, because I might fall in. I have to abide in my duty. 


Siriva and Keva is separated by the green river, in the morning the river is swallowed by the earth, we must move, it’s not safe.

Zoya: And us? Was that a lie?

Koro: I was summoned to protect you.

Zoya: I get that part now, lam questioning how you really feel about me.(Silence)

How old are you?

Koro: I’m 300 years old in the living and lam 4000 years old in the Black Stones.

Zoya: (Picks up the sand in her hand) How many princesses of Keva have you protected?

Koro Three hundred to be precise.

Zoya: How many have you danced with between their thighs?

Koro: (Pause) 

Zoya: You will answer my damn question, lam your Mafora.

Answer me!!

Koro: (Kneels) 

Zoya: So you are capable to fuck someone else but you can’t fuck me.

Koro: You are in your village now, you should be aware of the slippery of your tongue.

Zoya: I will speak any how I like.

Koro: ( Kneels more)

Zoya: Why would you treat me like this? why would you deceive me in loving you?

making me believe that you care about me.

Koro: I never deceived you. I was just not clear.

Zoya: So holding my hand, stroking my hair, picnics, you being there all the time.

Is clear enough to me. I need to be alone, leave me.

(Koro, bows, and exits, Zoya is left alone she cries)

Adeola:(Moves towards her) You must really care about the ground to give it water, that is the sign of beauty you know. When a woman takes care of Keva land, it means that she will make a good wife.

Zoya: Great just great (Sarcastically)

Adeola: You are stranger to Keva?

Zoya: Oh you mean lam not from around here.

Adeola: You are different to Keva women.

Zoya: Don’t bet on that.

Adeola: Your language is different…( Zoya drops her bracelet)you dropped your bracelet…(Hands her the bracelet)

Zoya: Thanks.(puts in the bag)

Adeola: It’s beautiful. Who is the lucky man?

Zoya: (Clears her throat) So I presume this is your territory, I did not mean to step in anybody’s

toes. Please forgive me and to your lady. (She moves)

Adeola: Amadi and I are not together.

Zoya: You can fool yourself not me. You were holding hands, and coming out from the forest. Don’t bluff okay.

Ankelamadu:  I’m sorry we did not mean to disturb you, we will leave you to your business.

Zoya: I will gladly appreciate that.

Adeola: Amadi, You go ahead I will be behind you.

Ankelamadu: What do you mean?

Adeola: Go

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