Who I am?

Philisiwe Twijnstra is a award nominated South African actress, musician, emerging stage director and playwright. She resides in Durban. She was selected as one of the female directors for a Womens’ Theatre Festival in Johannesburg (2016) to stage her first award winning play by a Dutch writer, Theo Fransz Matty &Sis , which was also selected for Uhuru International arts Festival in Durban and Musho Theatre Festival. She was part of the novel script project (2015) after which she wrote “Salty Pillows” which is in the finalist for Pansa Playwright Festival (2017). Ms Twijnstra is shortlisted for Short Sharp Stories (2017) for her short Story ‘Little black Sandals’ Currently she is writing her new play ’The wings of the Serpent’ and producing her recent South African script ‘The Red Suitcase’ and writing her first novel ‘Just a girl’ under the mentorship of Kobus Moolman. As a Vocalist under the pseudonym name ZuluBlue, she did a Miriam Makeba tribute concert with a well-respected international guitarist Madala Kunene and Patti Nokwe.

“We always try to understand the facets of death, even today that understanding comes with questions. My work as a theatre maker has allowed me to remember to treasure and keep memories, in my conversations, in my thinking, in my good times and bad times. That way I kept them alive. During our Matty and Sis tours we experienced the audience ’s journey of self-introspection, that led each person to allow oneself to dig deeper into their wounds and allow the similar story to be the source of healing and keeping. Matty & Sis is a story that each and every human being could recognise themselves in it.”~Philisiwe Twijnstra

“ Director  Matty & Sis 2015/16”

Image: Val Adamson

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